Portland Rambles: Snow Shadows

Portland Rambles is a new series I'm working on to share my view of life here on the Peninsula. As someone who grew up coming to Portland once or twice a year - usually to take a running leap off the gang plank to catch a ferry out into Casco Bay (more on this later) - I'm relishing the opportunity to explore this small city perched on the edge of the Atlantic.

It happened. It finally happened. We have had a few snow storms here in Maine since winter began, but this week's brought the kind of wet, heavy snow that sticks to branches, coats wrought iron fences, and makes you notice the smallest details just outside your own front door - somehow snapping them into new focus.

The crush of fresh snow under my boots made a chilly walk that much more satisfying and as I wandered through my neighborhood, I couldn't help but notice the welcoming glow of porch lights and the contrast of red brick against the cold white. The way these beautiful tree-lined streets were transformed into seemingly enchanted tunnels with snow shadows dancing in every direction. Portland's streets are full of tiny details - all you have to do is take a moment, look away from the phone or the pavement, and take in the beauty of the everyday that's all around.