Back at it ...

Well - here we are, seven months after my last post in this space and there's honestly no excuse for the hiatus other than this. In the last few months my life has been full of changes and, I suppose, time spent figuring out the #thingsthatcount to me most. I've made a big move, struck out on my own, started a new job - and added a couple more new jobs... I'm finding my way in my new space and community and now it's time to get back to the page (or at least back to the keyboard!)

Since we're still in the month of January - a month of new beginnings, resolutions, and bitter temps so cold that your couch and a warm blanket from that overnight bus trip to Scotland are beaconing - here is my promise, or at least my goal. A few times each week there will be new posts to this page. Musings on life, lessons learning from new projects, sights and sounds from my neighborhood rambles, and most definitely thoughts on the stories found tucked away in the forgotten boxes of family photographs. 

To those of you who've been so supportive of this newest step along my journey, thanks for sticking with me and helping me learn that the only real risk in life is not to take any risks at all. I hope you'll join me on these new adventures in celebrating the big, small, ordinary, and extraordinary #thingsthatcount.