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Family Photos

Your family photos deserve to be treasured and the stories behind them told and retold for generations. Keepsake photo books. Digital portfolios. Large scale organization and scanning projects. I will take careful steps to preserve your original photos while creating products that allow you to share the stories that have been hidden away on your bookshelf or in boxes in the attic for years. 



Oral Histories and Community Projects

Is there someone special in your family with a story to tell? I am available for oral history recordings and transcriptions. Additionally, I am available for working with community groups to record and share stories of a community. Speaking of Wickenden was an oral history cell phone tour that I helped create with colleagues in Brown University's Public Humanities masters program. Conducting oral history interviews and drawing from an existing archive at the University, our group developed this audio walking tour of a popular street to share a view into the lives of the people who called Wickenden Street home over the years. Listen to the tour at iTunes.