To connect people through our shared humanity. 


People. Places. Stories. 
These are the Things That Count.

Our stories make us human and when it comes to building strong family ties and healthy communities - we must first know where we started. Growing up, I always cared about family photos and papers and was constantly seeking out the stories behind these objects, often peppering my parents, grandparents, and other family members with more questions than most 10-year-olds would have about their ancestors. As my interest in writing and history took hold, I often used histories that were part of my own story to imagine my characters to life. 

In my own community and in my travels, time and time again I have seen that it is through knowing and sharing our histories that we are able to build understanding and shape a stronger future. Whether you're seeking answers about your own family; looking for ways to connect communities with their collective past; or exploring ways to creatively bring the past into the present and communicate the value of culture and history - I'm here to help. Thanks for visiting.